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Impact of Inflation on Investment Returns Calculator

Inflation can have a powerful effect over time on the actual return of your investments. Unless your portfolio's return outpaces inflation, you may actually be losing purchasing power, even if the dollar amount of your portfolio is growing.

Impact of Inflation on Investment Returns Chart
These charts illustrate, for the values input, the projections of growth with/without inflation.

In 30 years, your portfolio is expected to grow to $574,349.
However, inflation would have cost you $337,725 in purchasing power, leaving you with an inflation-adjusted balance of $236,624.


  • This is a hypothetical example intended for illustration purposes only, and does not represent the performance of any specific investment or portfolio.
  • The calculations above assume that earnings are compounded annually.
  • The calculations above do not take into account the effect of federal or state income taxes, or fees and expenses.
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